NCrafts 2015

ncrafts-logoThis week I had the chance to attend the second edition of the NCrafts conference. This conference takes place in Paris and had a lot of awesome speakers from all over Europe.

If you don’t how what this conference is about, have a look at the manifesto below, it will give you an idea.

It’s about programming but also about experience and feedback

It’s not only about technologies but also about practices

It’s not only about software craftsmanship but also about learning and exchanges for everyone

It’s not only about business and applications but mainly about people

In other words, it’s a software conference for developers by developers. We love crafting software with art, passion and technology and share it with everyone.

This manifesto reflects my philosophy and what I try to show in my blog posts. And this exactly what happened during the conference, the speakers and the attendees where very open-minded and we were able to discover new practices.

The Workshops

The day before the conference some workshops were organized by several speakers and I chose to go to the “Event Storming” workshop hosted by Alberto Brandolini and Mathias Verraes.

I will not get into the details of this workshop since I intend to write a full blog post about this experience.

To summarize, the “Event Storming” is an interactive practice that aims to bring the domain experts and the developers closer to each others. You need space on a wall, a lot of space, sticky notes and markers to use this practice.

The goal of this workout is to model the process based on domain events. At the end the developers should have a good idea of how the system should behave and what are the business rules to implement.

DDD, TDD & Functional programming

The conference lasted two days with two talks tracks for each day, there was a lot of awesome content in each talks, a lot of food for thoughts.

Domain Driven Design (DDD) was part of this conference and it makes sense since I believe that, as professional developers, we cannot produce valuable software for our clients without knowing their domain.

Functional programming had also an important place in the conference, it was almost possible to attend only functional programming talks. Most of these talks were made using the FSharp (F#) language.

I made a small introduction to this language a few months ago and being able to see F# developers from the community sharing their tips, tricks and technic was really enjoyable.

I think that functional programming will help us solve some problems we encounter in our everyday job faster than object-oriented programming. It is not better or worse, yet some paradigms of the functional approach are really attractive.

Testing had also a place in the conference for both functional programming and object-oriented programming. If you read my blog you should now know that I write quite a lot about tests, it is a topic I really care about.

During the conference I discovered new approaches for Test Driven Development (TDD) and explanation on the difficulty to practice it. The Type Driven Development (TDD again) practice for F# was really interesting in order to design software.

Waiting for NCrafts 2016

I did not attend last year edition of NCrafts but I will definitely try to go again next year. It was 3 amazing days with a lot of great and open-minded speakers. The NCrafts team did a really great job to make the experience as smooth as possible and as enjoyable as possible.

It gave me a lot of ideas to share with my team in order to improve our technical skills, practices and processes. I can only highly recommend you to watch the talks online when they will be available.

See you next time!

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