The Clean Coder : Book presentation

I know I’m a developer but my first blog post will not be about programming.

I’ll talk about a book… Wait ! Don’t leave ! This book is called “The Clean Coder – A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers” and it is written by Robert Martin aka “Uncle Bob”.

The Clean Coder

Uncle Bob is a software consultant known for being one of the Agile Manifesto author, a member of the Software Craftsmanship movement and  he get involved in a lot more “good stuff”.

In his book, The Clean Coder, he shares his experience to explain what is his vision of professionalism when working as a software developer.

I really enjoyed this book and I want to share the key principles exposed in it by creating a blog post for each one of these principles. This will allow me to express my thoughts about these chapters.

Summary :

1 – Professionalism

2 – Saying No

3 – Saying Yes

4 – Coding

5 – Test Driven Development

6 – Practicing

7 – Acceptance Testing

8 – Testing Strategies

9 – Time Management

10 – Estimation

11 – Pressure

12 – Collaboration

13 – Teams and Projects

14 – Mentoring, Apprenticeship and Craftsmanship

My personal conclusion of the book is also available here.

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